Kitamura KOKORO Clinic
Mental Health

Kitamura KOKORO Clinic Mental Health is a private mental health clinic on an appointment only basis. It is located in the heart of the city centre of Tokyo.

We will be moving to a new office as from Thursday 21 April.
New address: Flat A, Tomigaya Riverland House, 2-26-3 Tomigaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, 151-0063

Respecting your right for self-determination

  • Diagnosis, result of examination, therapeutic policy, prospect of treatment will be explained fully with common words (“all the cards on the table” policy). Your questions are always welcome.
  • Please let us know your thoughts and feelings towards what you were explained for we would like to make treatment according to your preference as much as possible.

Understanding mental health issues from personality and life history

  • We strive to understand each client’s mental health problems by learning about his/her life history and personality then find the optimal solution for his/her case.

Evidence-based mental health service

  • We provide evidence-based mental health care.
  • The least amount of medicine will be prescribed. Regarding the usage of medicine, we also think that your preference is the top priority.

Consultation in an at-home atmosphere

  • We listen empathically to our clients in a relaxed and informal environment with each session being hour-long once every week.
  • We use the first few assessment sessions to determine the best therapeutic approach, therapy goals and the estimated number of sessions needed.
  • There are private waiting rooms for you and your family members.

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